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Field Ops #32

Hey Penguins! 😀

The new Field Op Mission is here! Go next to the DJ3K game, to start it:

Agents got a message from Rookie:

What do you think? Tell us in a comment!


Hey I just game across a good tinychat site of someone who i know called otto96x
Its fun and you should go there. i maybe there

Wilderness Expidition

Well it’s been a while since if posted about the current stuff and on the main page there is a wilderness expedition coming. The Event is staying for under a fortnight
This is the picture of it on the main page.

It Doesnt Really Intrest me but ill update with the latest events. Thanks for Reading

New Field Ops Gear

It just came to my intrest that there is new elite gear to unlock when you get medals for doing field ops each week.
This Is What It Looks Like

Cool Huh

New Author

We Have A New Author Here.
Pop a commet if you like this or you want to ask a question.
Waddle On!

Authors Wanted

Want to become a author here.
Answer these questions. Be truthful

1. How Old Are You
2. What OS Do You Have (operating system. Eg. Windows XP)
3. How old is your penguin
4. Do you have or work on a cp site.
5. Can you take pictures?
6. Write a small paragraph about the christmas party.